Bible & Gospel Trust v. Twinam, Civil No. 2:07-CV-17 (D. Vt. filed Jan. 25, 2007).
Status: Defense motion to dismiss pending, July 18, 2008

The Exclusive Brethren religious group sued Timothy Twinam, the formerly anonymous owner of the website, which calls the group a cult. The religious group alleges that the site threatened to publish documents in which the group claims exclusive copyright, causing “tortous interference” of the pre-trial settlement of a prior suit brought against blogger Richard Wyman of another site, Twinam filed a motion to dismiss under Vermont’s anti-SLAPP statute. A federal magistrate recommended that the court deny the motion, 2008 WL 5216845 (D. Vt. July 18, 2008), but the district judge rejected the recommendation, and the motion is still pending.

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