Denner v. Gillenwater, No. 05-5469 (Mass. Super., Suffolk County 2008).
Status: Temporary restraining order issued (Oct. 10, 2008).

Derrick Gillenwater sued lawyers Jeffrey Denner and Kevin Barron for malpractice, and began blogging about the case at his blog (, now defunct). The attorneys then sought a temporary restraining order against Gillenwater’s blogging, which the court granted on Oct. 10, 2008. Gillenwater continued to post to the blog, and on Oct. 21 another judge held that he had violated the restraining order by continuing to publish the blog, replacing the name “Jeffrey Denner" with "Geoffrey Dinnir." Meanwhile, another blog – the “Jeffrey Denner's ineffective assistance of counsel” blog ( – appeared. Denner sent a copy of the court order to Google, which shut down the blog on Dec. 1. But the site was restored after the pseudonymous blogger behind the site, "Boston Bob," told Google that he was not Gillenwater.

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