Dennis v. Watson, Civil No. 07CV05202 JFL002 (Ga. Super., Floyd County default verdict Feb. 4, 2008).

Status: Trial on damages pending; interlocutory appeal pending before Georgia Court of Appeals.

In December 2007, Stephanie Dennis sued Teresa Watson, operator of the web site, for comments posted on the site which alleged that Dennis was having an affair. [Although such suits are ordinarily barred by section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. it, is unclear whether the argument was made in this case.]

After a short detour to federal court, which remanded the case to state court, Watson moved that the judge hearing the case recuse himself, but the judge refused; Watson then appealed the refusal to the Georgia Supreme Court. While the appeal was pending, the judge held two hearings in the case and on Feb. 4, 2009 held Watson in default when she did not appear, and planned to hold a trial on damages. The following day, Feb. 5, the Georgia Supreme Court transferred the case to the Georgia Court of Appeals, which on Feb. 11 declined to order the lower court to halt its proceedings.

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