Eclipse Aviation Corp. v. Doe, No. D-202-CV-200802624 (N.M. Dist. Ct., Albuquerque. dismissed July 30, 2008).
Status: Withdrawn by plaintiff

Eclipse Aviation, which manufactures very light jet aircraft, sued several John Does in New Mexico state court, alleging that they were current and former employees who had violated their confidentiality agreements by contributing and posting comments to the Eclipse Aviation Critic blog,, which was active until 2007, and its successor, the Eclipse Aviation Critic Next Generation blog,

Eclipse then filed a
related action in California state court, seeking a subpoena to compel Google to reveal information to identify 28 “John Does” who contributed to the sites. Eclipse obtained the subpoena from the California court, but Richard J. Lucibella, one the contributors to the site, challenged the subpoena. In August 2008, as part of a shake-up of company management, the company withdrew its lawsuit.

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Motion to quash (Cal.) subpoena:
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