The Gentle Wind Project v. Garvey, Civil No. 04-103 (D. Me. summary judgment granted, case dismissed Jan. 3, 2006);
The Gentle Wind Project v. Garvey, No. ____ (Me. Dist. Ct. dismissed Nov. 9, 2006).
Status: Dismissed

The Gentle Wind Project, which describes itself as “not-for-profit world healing organization with a remarkable healing technology,” sued critics who called the organization a cult for libel and other claims, including alleged violations of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (“RICO”) law. On a motion by the defendants, the federal district court granted summary judgment on the RICO claim. Since this claim was the only basis for federal jurisdiction, the court then dismissed the entire case. Gentle Wind then refiled the suit in Maine state court, but voluntarily withdrew that suit in November 2006.

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