Gillam v. Klein Investments, Inc., No. E179-095 (Tex. Dist. Ct. (Jefferson County) filed April 10, 2007).
Status: Settled

On his “Southeast Texas Political Review” blog ( and his KOLE-AM radio program (“Southeast Texas Politcal Review: On The Air”), Philip Klein claimed that Justice of the Peace Tom Gillam III had a sexual liaison with a woman in the Jefferson County courthouse.

Gillam sued in April 2007, claiming that that he and the court coordinator were in the courthouse looking for some computer disks that he needed to do some work at home. In June 2008, the parties settled, with Klein posting a statement on the site saying that “Judge Gillam is due an apology from those that attempted to smear his name by using this web site and the media in general in an attempt to garner office.”

Links and Court Documents:
Plaintiff’s complaint:
Plaintiff’s motion to prevent spoliation of evidence:

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