Glock, Inc. v. Pilz, Civil No. 06-0072 (S.D. Ind. dismissed March 29, 2007)
Status: Dismissed

The Smyrna, Ga.-based gun manufacturer Glock, Inc. sued over comments that Austrian Parliament member Peter Pilz posted in German on his Austria-based web site (, alleging that the company allowed its guns to end up in the Turkey black market, a claim that was repeated on the web site and in an article in the Austrian newspaper Der Standard (

Glock sued in Indiana state court: apparently because the posting mentioned a gun supply company based in Indiana, although that company was not named as a defendant in the suit. At the request of two of the defendants, the case was removed to federal court, which dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction.

Links and Court Documents:
BBC coverage of Pilz’s accusations: (page 18)

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