Kruska v. Perverted Justice Foundation, No. 2:08-cv-00054 (D. Arizona filed January 10, 2008).
Status: Dismissed; appeal dismissed, No. 09-15426 (9th Cir. mandate May 21, 2009).

After journalist Jan Kruska expressed her opinion on the over breadth of anti-pedophile laws, several websites, including and, (both registered through defendant, posted allegations that Kruska was herself a convicted pedophile and child molester.

Kruska filed a complaint alleging both state and federal tort and criminal actions against these websites and several affiliated individuals, including Barbara Ochoa, who Kruska claims threatened her if she did not remover her “entire web presence.”

The court granted Ochoa’s motion to dismiss, and dismissed the claims against under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
Kruska appealed, but the appellate court dismissed the appeal.

Links and Court Documents
Order granting motion to dismiss by and defendant Bob Parsons:

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