Lennar Corp. v. Morgan, No. _____ (Fla. Cir. Ct. )
Lennar Corp. v. Morgan, No. _____ (N.D. Fla. ____)
Status: Settled.

Home builder Lennar Corp. sued blogger Michael Morgan over a blog he established, www.defectivehomes.us, alleging that Lennar's homes were defective. He then registered several other domains to point to the site, including www.lennarhomes.info; www.lennarhome.info; www.lennar-homes.info; www.lennar-home.info; www.lenarhome.info; www.lenarhomes.info; and www.lenarhomes.com.

Lennar sued in Florida state court in June 2006, alleging that the sits and its metatages violated Lennar's trademarks. In April 2007, it brough similar claims in a separate suit in federal court.

Considering Lennar's motion for an injunction against Morgan, a federal magistrate determined that Morgan had infringed Lennar's trademarks. But before the federal district judge overseeing the case could rule, the parties reached a settlement that included dismissal of the state and federal lawsuits.

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