Nomvuyo Mzamane v. Huffington Post, No. 080905308 (Pa. C.P., Philadelphia County filed Oct. 3, 2008).
Status: Settled (Non-monetary).

In November of 2007, Joan Stewart posted a blog entry on the “Publicity Hound” and later on “the Huffington Post” falsely alleging that Nomvuyo Mzamane, the former headmistress of Oprah Winfrey’s South African Leadership Academy for Girls, had been charged with a crime in connection with a sexual abuse scandal at the school. Mzamane responded by filing a lawsuit for defamation against Stewart, The Huffington Post, owner Ariana Huffington, and separately against Oprah Winfrey. A settlement was reached by the parties in December, 2008, including public retractions and apologies. No money was exchanged.

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