Nuewirth v. Silverstein, No. SC094441 (Cal. Super., Los Angeles County dismissed Nov. 27, 2007), rev’d, No. B205521 (Cal. App. Feb/ 9, 2009).
Status: Grant of anti-SLAPP motion (dismissing case) reversed in part
, trial on outstanding claims pending

Conservative commentator Rachel Neuwirth sued blogger Richard Silverstein for postings on his Tikun Olam blog ( criticizing Neuwirth, including referring to her as "Kahanist swine" (referring to ardent Israel supporter Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was killed in 1990). Neuwirth also sued Stanford University professor Joel Beinin over comments he sent to Haifa University’s “Academic Left” listserv ( The claims against both defendants were dismissed on an anti-SLAPP motion, after the court found that Neuwirth was a public figure and that the topics discussed were of public interest. Nuewirth appealed, and the appellate court reversed the dismissal on two of the statements at issue.

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