Port Arthur Independent School District v. Klein & Associates Political Relations, No. ______ (Tex. Dist Ct. Jefferson County 200_).
Status: Summary judgment for defendants affirmed, 92 S.W.3d 889 (Tex.App. - Beaumont 2002, pet'n den'd).

The school board of Port Arthur, Tex. sued Klein & Associates Political Relations after its political blog, “Southeast Texas Political Review” blog (setpoliticalreview.com), published a story stating that a “huge gang fight” had broken out at a Thomas Jefferson High School prom. The trial court judge granted summary judgment to the defendants on several grounds, including the finding that the school board, as a government entity, could not sue for libel. The judge reaffirmed this after the board filed a motion for a new trial. An appeals court affirmed (70 S.W.3d 349 (Tex. App.—Beaumont 2002, no. pet.)). The blog author also countersued the district for libel and other claims; the trial court granted summary judgment for the school district on these claims, and an appeals court affirmed (92 S.W.3d 889 (Tex.App. - Beaumont 2002, pet'n den'd)).

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