Powermark Homes v. Doe, Civil No. 07-825465 (Ohio C.P., Cuyahoga County dismissed Dec. 15, 2008).
Status: Dismissed.

Home-builder Powermark Homes sued the anonymous creator of the critical www.PowermarkHomes.Net site (now defunct). Powermark also complained to the website’s hosting company that the site used copyrighted materials without permission, which led the hosting company to shut down the PowermarkHomes.Net site. The site then re-emerged as www.powermarkhomessucks.com; Powermark renewed its copyright claims against the new site. There was little action in the case until Dec. 15, 2008, when the court granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss the suit, without issuing an opinion.

Links and Court Documents:
Court documents (through Jan. 2008): http://www.powermarkhomessucks.com/lawsuit.html

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