Rapacchiano v. Visceglia, No. L-000-238-07 (N.J. Super., Camden County filed Jan 8, 2007).
Status: Settled.

Patrick Rapacchiano sued his co-worker, F. Anthony Visceglia, who owed him money, over postings on his MySpace page and in an online forum calling Rapacchiano a child molester. The defendant initially did not respond to the suit, leading to a default judgment against him. The parties then reached a settlement.

Case Information and Documents:
Complaint: http://journalist101.wordpress.com/2008/04/09/patrick-rapacchiano-plaintiff-vs-anthony-viscegliadefendant-docket-l000238-07nj/
Docket showing settlement: http://courtjustice.blogstream.com/v1/pid/256176.html

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