Ronson v. Sunset Photo and News LLC, No. BC374174 (Cal. Super., L.A. County filed July 12, 2007).
Status: One defendant (Ishkanian) settled for undisclosed terms; claims against other defendant (Lavandeira) dismissed; plaintiff ordered to pay almost $87,000 in attorney fees

Hollywood disc jockey Samantha Ronson filed a libel suit against blogger Jill Ishkanian and blogger Mario Lavandeira over a posting on, republished on, alleging that cocaine found in actress Lindsay Lohan’s car after an accident was Ronson’s.

On Oct. 10, Ronson and Ishkanian announced that they had settled their part of the dispute; meanwhile, Superior Court Judge Elihu M. Berle deferred decision on Lavandeira’s anti-SLAPP motion and allowed the plaintiffs to depose Lavandeira. On Nov. 1, 2007, the court granted Lavandeira’s anti-SLAPP motion, dismissing the case; Ronson was also ordered to pay Lavandeira’s attorney fees, which the court declared in January to be almost $85,000.

Although Ronson initially sought to have the ruling reconsidered, she eventually paid the fees – by then, almost $87,000 – in early October 2008. Meanwhile, her own attorneys filed suit against her in New York, seeking payment for their services.

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