Sachay v. The Chicago Reader, No. 2008-CL-003932 (Ill. Cir. Ct. filed April 10, 2008).
Status: Pending

The former assistant commissioner of Chicago’s aviation department, James Sachay, sued Frank Coconate for comments on the Chicago Reader’s Clout City blog that were signed “Jimmy Sachay,” which Sachay says that he did not write and alleges were actually posted by political candidate Frank Coconate.

In the posted comments, the person posting as Sachay apologizes for challenging Coconate’s nominating petitions under false pretenses, for “stealing money” from former Illinois Congressman Roman Pucinski, for getting “illegal contracts” for his son, “act[ing] criminally at O’Hare.”

Besides suing Coconate, the suit also named the newspaper as sponsor of the blogs. But on June
3, Sachay amended the lawsuit to remove the Chicago Reader as a defendant.

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