Sykes et al v. Bayer Corporation, No. 2008-MC-00013 (D.N.H. subpoena issued March 28, 2008) (although underlying case is being tried in Virginia, the subpoena was issued in New Hampshire due to Seidel’s residency there).

Status: Subpoena quashed

In a lawsuit alleging that mercury in various vaccines led to the plaintiffs’ son’s autism, the plaintiffs subpoenaed Kathleen Seidel after her blog, the neurodiversity weblog ( covered the case. The sweeping subpoena sought “all documents pertaining to the setup, financing, running, research, maintaining” the blog, and he names of all persons "helping, paying or facilitating in any fashion" the blog. Seidel filed a motion to quash, which was granted April 21, 2008. The court also ordered plaintiffs’ attorney to show why he should not be sanctioned for the subpoena.

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