Hammitt v. Busbin, Civil No. 07-13353 (Ga. Super., Chattooga County filed Dec. 12, 2007).
Status: Jury verdict for defendants (Aug. 4, 2009).

After withdrwaing their previous suit, Ed and Brenda Hammitt refiled their suit against operator of the RomeNewsbyWatson.com news and commentary blog over comments posted by a user of the site (with the pseudonym "dirtyboy") that accused them of growing marjuana and accused Ed Hammitt of defrauding the local electric company.

The suit named the poster, who was discovered to be Ken Busbin, and webmaster Teresa Watson, who they claimed encouraged such comments and actively edited them.

After a two-day trial in the Georgia Superior Court in Summerville, Ga., on Aug. 4, 2009 the jury held that webmaster Watson was not liable for the comments posted on her site, and that the comment at issue was not libelous.

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