UPDATE 6.3.2013

STATUS: The court found for Smithgall.

Ga.Super: Judge Awards Damages in Defamation Suit
Forsyth News
A former Forsyth Court Sheriff's Office Deputy was awarded $180,000 in damages for a lawsuit that dates to August 2009.

Smithgall v. Shelton, No. 09-CV-2199 (Ga. Super. filed Aug. 6, 2009).
Status: Pending.

Forsyth County, Ga. sheriff’s deputy John Smithgall sued over postings to the "About Forsyth" web site (http://www.aboutforsyth.net) alleging that he is the father of defendant Lisa Shelton's child. According to the suit, Sheldon -- Smithgall's former girlfriend -- made the initial posting with the allegation, and defendant Kim Pruitt posted a comment "confirming" the allegation.

The third defendant in the suit is "About Forsyth" webmaster David Milum, for a posting on the dispute that he wrote on the site, with the headline, "FCSO Officer John Smithgall Allegedly Denies Paternity?"

Links and Court Doucuments:
Complaint: http://www.aboutforsyth.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=29278&sid=cf0ced48e103b7a179583a733f2a1f64

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