Universal Music Group v. Lindor, Civil No. 05-1095 (E.D.N.Y. motion filed Sept. 2008).
Status: Sanctions motion denied

In the course of a long-running, acrimonious case alleging that Brooklyn home health aide Marie Lindor had downloaded various copyrighted songs from the Kazaa pirate music website, in September 2008 the plaintiffs moved for dismissal, arguing that much of the evidence in the case had been destroyed.  Plaintiffs also sought sanctions against the defendant and her attorney, Ray Beckerman: although the sanctions were primarily for the alleged evidence destruction and alleged evasive statements in court papers by the defendant and Beckerman, the motion also cited comments on Beckerman's "Recording Industry vs. The People" blog.

The motion was referred to a magistrate judge, who recommended denial the motion in an Oct. 9, 2009 ruling.

Case Information and Links:
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