In re Anonymous Online Speakers (Quixtar v. Signature Management Team LLC)

9th Cir.: Court: Anonymous Web posts bring limits to commercial free speech 
Las Vegas Sun 
...The court, in an opinion written by Judge M. Margaret McKeown, said "Given the importance of political speech in the history of this country, it is not surprising that courts afford political speech the highest level of protection."  But McKeown, quoting from another court's decision, wrote, "Commercial speech on the other hand, enjoys a limited measure of protection, commensurate with its subordinate position in the scale of First Amendment values..."
--- Decision: In re Anonymous Online Speakers (Quixtar v. Signature Management TEAM, LLC)

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Ninth Circuit Weighs In On Internet Anonymity, Consumer Griping At Risk 
Citizen Media Law Project
 The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision last Monday in In re: Anonymous Online Speakers, No. 09-71265 (9th Cir. July 12, 2010), a case that could be influential for future courts deciding whether to order the identification of anonymous or pseudonymous Internet speakers.
--- Decision: In re: Anonymous Online Speakers

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