Righthaven, LLC v. Klerks

D. Nev.: Blogger Sued By Copyright Troll Argues He Had 'Implied License'

The blogger, Jan Klerks, who publishes the noncommercial site www.skyscrapercity.com, about urban development, argues that the newspaper granted him an implied license to republish its articles by encouraging readers to save the pieces and send them to others.
--Defendant Motion to Set Aside Default: Righthaven, LLC v. Klerks: http://www.scribd.com/doc/36092756/Motion-to-Set-Aside-Default-Righthaven-v-Klerks

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UPDATE (10/11/10)
D. Nev.: Sharron Angle signals interest in settling copyright lawsuit

Las Vegas Sun
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle is signaling she's interested in settling a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against her by the Las Vegas Review-Journal's copyright enforcement partner.
Complaint: Righthaven v. Angle:

UPDATE (9/21/10):
D. Nev.: Judge Says Blogger Sued By Righthaven Might Have Fair-Use Defense

Media Post
In her eight-page ruling [granting defendant's motion to set aside default], Navarro wrote that Klerks has at least two meritorious defenses to an infringement action -- that he made fair use of the newspaper's material, and that the newspaper granted him an implied license.
--Order to Grant Defendant's Motion to Set Aside Default: Righthaven, LLC v. Klerks:

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