Bobolas v. Does 1-100

STATUS: Plaintiff's Motions for Temporary Restraining Order and for Preservation of Documents denied. Plaintiff's Motions for Expedited Consideration and Sealing of Documents granted.

D. Ariz.: Blog Host Can't Be Bound by TRO for User Posts

Eric Goldman
This lawsuit involves, a Greek-language blog/website that appears to criticize Greek real estate and media mogul George Bobolas. Bobolas seeks a TRO against both the blog authors [Does] and against non-party GoDaddy, which appears to host the blog and act as its domain name registrar. . . The court rejects the TRO against the US Does, saying that Bobolas hasn't been able to show that the allegedly defamatory posts were made by them and did not provide enough evidence to support that the published statements were actionable defamatory (as opposed to non-actionable opinions or lacking the requisite scienter). The court also rejects a request to shut down the blog entirely, properly noting that doing so would be an impermissible prior restraint.

--Opinion: Bobolas v. Does 1-100

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