Rosales v. Adelman

STATUS: Complaint filed Dec 12th, 2010

Tex. Dist.: Harried Dog: Avi Adelman Gets Sued for Libel

Dallas Observer News
A bar and restaurant owner last week sued Avi Adelman, operator of the website and all around pain in the butt to bars on Lower Greenville Avenue, for libel. Through Barking Dogs, Adelman has been nipping at the heels of Lost Society on Lower Greenville since at least June, when bar co-owner Brightman "Brian" Nwatu was taken into custody, accused of evading deportation for five years. Two days later, Adelman followed up with news that Fernando Rosales, Lost Society's co-owner, had been popped by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for claiming to be the sole owner of Lost Society.

--Complaint: Rosales v. Adelman

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