Righthaven LLC v. Freedom Force Communications

STATUS: Defendants' answer and counterclaim filed March 15, 2011

D. Col.: Righthaven faces seventh counterclaim over copyright lawsuits

Las Vegas Sun
Las Vegas newspaper copyright enforcer Righthaven LLC was hit with a seventh counterclaim Tuesday, this time over one of its lawsuits over the Denver Post TSA pat-down photo. Attorneys Natalie Hanlon-Leh and Spencer Ross of the firm Faegre & Benson LLP in Denver filed the counterclaim in behalf of Freedom Force Communications, The Say Anything Blog, Scott Hennen and Rob Port. They were sued Feb. 4 after the photo appeared on the Minot, N.D.-based sayanythingblog.com website. . . The Say Anything Blog answer and counterclaim to the copyright infringement lawsuit charged, without elaboration, that Righthaven lacks standing to assert the copyright infringement claim.

--Defendants' Answer and Counterclaim: Righthaven v. Freedom Force Communications

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--Plaintiff's Complaint: Righthaven v. Freedom Force Communications

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