Righthaven LLC v. Choudhry

STATUS: Defendants’ motion to dismiss, or in the alternative, motion for judgment on the pleadings, or in the alternative, motion for summary judgment was denied and plaintiff's motion to dismiss, or in the alternative, to strike the declaratory relief counterclaim was also denied on May 3, 2011

D. Nev.: Another Defense-Favorable Righthaven Ruling

Technology and Marketing Law Blog (Eric Goldman)
This lawsuit involves the "Vdara Death-Ray" image published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which has been the basis of numerous Righthaven lawsuits . . . Choudhry argues that the image appeared on his site as an in-line link (permissible under Perfect 10 v. Amazon) and via an automated process that lacked volition. The court rejects Choudhry's motions for judgment on the pleadings and summary judgment on those points, saying that the judge wants to understand the technology better before ruling on it. On fair use, the court says . . . As a matter of law, the defendant's use doesn't harm Righthaven's market. The latter point is a biggie. The fourth fair use factor is often considered the most important, and the court is treating it as presumptively weighing against Righthaven in all cases. The court is basically doing the same with the transformative nature of the works. If those two considerations automatically weigh against Righthaven in every case, Righthaven will have a tough time defeating any fair use defense.

--Order: Righthaven LLC v. Choudhry

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