Biro v. Conde Nast,

UPDATE (8/13/2012)

STATUS: District judge dismisses 20 out of the 24 charges brought in original suit.

S.D.N.Y.: Judge Peels the Paint Off Art Analyst's Case
Courthouse News
A Canadian art authenticator does not have as strong of a case as he thought over an article in the New Yorker that implicates his as a fraud, a federal judge ruled.

Opinion: Biro v. Conde Nast

Biro v. Conde Nast,

STATUS: Complaint amended to include more defendants on December 5, 2011.

S.D.N.Y.: Gawker brought into New Yorker fracas
Courthouse News
A Canadian art authenticator has cast a wider net in his defamation lawsuit against the New Yorker, hoping to ream Gawker and about a half-dozen other media outlets and websites that publicized the magazine's original coverage.

Amended Complaint: Biro v. Conde Nast,

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Anonymous said...

This is an interesting case. We must remind ourselves never to say someone has committed a crime or was convicted of a crime when in fact they did not.