Righthaven v. Center for Intercultural Organizing


STATUS: Attempts by Righthaven to overturn "fair use" decisions against it were refuted on
January 13, 2012.

9th Cir.: Copyright Troll Refuted in Fair Use Appeal
PC World
Attempts by Righthaven to overturn two fair use decisions against it were opposed in federal court by such prominent voices as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Google, Public Knowledge and the Digital Media Law Project at Harvard.

>>Brief Amici Curiae: Righthaven v. Center for Intercultural Organizing

STATUS: Summary judgement was granted in favor of the Defendants on April 22, 2011.

9th Cir.: Righthaven asks Appeals Courts to revive lawsuits
Copyright enforcement outfit Righthaven is asking a federal appeals court to reinstate its copyright infringement lawsuit against a nonprofit that posted an entire article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

>>Righthaven's opening Brief:


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