Cohen v. Google, No. 100012/2009 (N.Y. Sup. Ct., N.Y. County filed Jan. 2, 2009).
Status: Discovery motion (to reveal identity of blogger) granted.

Model Liskula Gentile Cohen sued over statements in the anonymous “Skanks in New York” blog ( that she was a “skank.”

In response to a court motion seeking to force Blogger to reveal the identitity of the anonymous blogger, the blogger responded (anonymously) with court papers arguing the posts are “rhetorical hyperbole,” and thus not libelous.

In March 2009 the blog was taken down.

In August 2009, the court ordered Blogger to reveal the blogger's identity. Cohen then contacted the blogger, who turned out to be someone she casually knew. She also dropped the underlying libel claim against her.

The outed blogger, Rosemary Port, then threatened to sue Google for revealing her identity.

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