Higher Balance, LLC v. Quantum Future Group, Inc., Civil No. 08-233 (D.Ore. filed Feb. 25, 2008).
Status: Dismissed (Dec. 18, 2008).

Eric J. Pepin, founder of the Higher Balance Institute, sued Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her company for postings on her blog site "Signs of the Times" (www.sott.net), that alleged that his organization was a "front for pedophelia." Pepin was tried on charges of having sex with an underage employee; he was acquitted in 2007 because prosecutors could not provde the young man was underage.

In Decemeber 2008, the federal court dismissed the libel suit under Oregon's anti-SLAPP law. In August 2009, the court awarded the defendants $51,500.00 in attorney fees.

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