In Re: Anderson, Nos. 2004-295,192-GA; 2004-295,193-CA; and 2006-307, 599-CZ (Mich. Probate Ct., Oakland County.
Status: Gag order rescinded

A probate judge presiding over a long-running dispute between Diane Anderson and her brother David Anderson over care of their elderly mother ordered Diane Anderson to take down a web site she was maintaining (, where she commented on the proceedings. Szymanski said that he issued in order in frustration over Anderson’s behavior in court. “She is not willing to accept rulings and she continues to argue,” he told the Detroit Free Press. “I warned her four or five times.”
After Anderson refused to remove the site, Judge David Szymanski ordered her immediately jailed at a morning hearing on Dec. 8, 2008.
After she was held for about an hour, she was returned to Judge Szymanski’s court.
She again refused to remove the site, and was jailed again for another three hours before she was released, pending a hearing on Dec. 11.
On Dec. 10, the site disappeared.
At the Dec. 11 hearing, Judge Szymanski rescinded his order, and said that Anderson could continue posting on her site.

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