Kaplan v. Salahi, No. BS06288332 (Cal. Super., Small Cl. Ct., Alameda County judgment entered May 7, 2007), motion to strike denied, No. BS06288332 (Cal.
Super. Ct., Alameda County June 13, 2007) (affirming small claims judgment).

Status: $7,500 award to plaintiff.

Lee Kaplan, a journalist for FrontPageMag.com, sued Yaman Salahi in small claims court for comments on his blog, “Lee Kaplan Watch” (http://kaplanwatch.blogspot.com/). Kaplan was awarded $7,500, which was affirmed on appeal to the Superior Court. The defendant does not apparently plan any further appeal.

Links and Court Documents:


Plaintiff’s commentary: http://www.leekaplandeconstructsleekaplanwatch.blogspot.com
Plaintiff’s commentary: http://ww.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=28816
Defendant’s commentary: http://kaplanwatch.blogspot.com/2007/06/faulty-case-against-me.html
Docket access via http://apps.alameda.courts.ca.gov/domainweb/casesumbody.html (enter docket number)

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