Lavandeira v. Infuse, LLC, Civil No. 08-4764 (C.D. Cal. filed July 21, 2008).
Status: Claims against two defendants dismissed by plaintiff; default judgment against remaining defendant entered May 6, 2009).

Blogger Mario Lavandeira, who operates the celebrity news blog, sued the owners and contributors to the similarly-looking and named blog site, for trademark infringement and unfair competition. The blogger behind the site, Elizabeth Silver, then filed her own suit in New York. In this California case, the court first issued a default judgment for the plaintiff against two defendants, then withdrew it when the defendants challenged the courts jurisdiction. The plaintiff then agreed to dismiss the case against those defendants rather than litigate the issue. A default judgment against the remaining defendant was issued in May 2009; the court ordered that defendant to stop using the name and to turn the site over to Lavandeira.

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