Butler University v. Doe(?), No. _____ (Ind. Cir. Ct.? 2009).
Status: Withdrawn.

In January 2009, Butler University sued a blogger using the pseudonym "Soodo Nym," for posted comments disparaging two university administrators.

The university says that by subpoenaing Google to identify the user of a Gmail account, in June 2009 it determined that the blogger was Butler student Jess Zimmerman.  Zimmerman, who has admitted writing the blog, claims that the university determined his identity earlier, by monitorins his campus e-mail account.

Zimmerman's parents both work for the university, and the blog criticized what it alleged was disparate and unfair treatment of the school's employees.  "Soodo Nym"also sent an e-mail to the administrators that school officials characterized as a threat.

The university dropped the suit in October, but said that the matter would be handled internally.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman has started the "I am 'John Doe'" blog to publicize this case.

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