Jones v. Minkin, Civil No. 09-23256 (S.D. Fla. filed Oct. 27, 2009).
Status: Withdrawn.

On Aug. 22, 2007, University of Miami School of Law professor Donald Jones was arrested for allegedly offering an undercover officer $20 for sex, a charge that he plead not guilty to and was eventually dropped and expunged.  The "Above the Law" blog, however, reported on the arrest on Oct. 17, 2007, with follow-up posts the next day, Oct. 27 (noting a Miami Herald story on the arrest) and Oct. 29.  In October 2009, Jones sued the owner of the blog, along with its publisher and managing editor, making claims of false light, invasion of privacy, and copyright (for photos of Jones posted on the blog).  He dropped the suit n earl November.

Links and Court Documents:
Lawsuit of the Day: Jones v. Minkin (Above the Law blog, Nov. 3, 2009).

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