Righthaven LLC v. Democratic Underground

UPDATE (7/15/2011)

STATUS: Judge fined Righthaven $5000 for misleading the court on July 14, 2011

D. Nev.: Righthaven Masquerading as a Company

Vegas Inc.
A judge today fined newspaper copyright lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC of Las Vegas $5,000 for misleading a federal court about its lawsuits. Judge Hunt said Righthaven deliberately failed to disclose the owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal shares in Righthaven’s lawsuit revenue. But, without explanation, Hunt didn’t sanction any of the Righthaven attorneys that may have been responsible for the misrepresentation.

STATUS: Order on Request to Unseal entered on March 9, 2011

D. Nev.: Righthaven’s Secret Contract Revealed: Will Its Strategy Collapse?

Angered at Righthaven’s behavior, a Las Vegas federal judge unsealed the company’s heretofore confidential agreement with the Las Vegas Review-Journal late on Friday. The contract reveals that the controversial copyright-enforcement company and LV R-J parent company Stephens Media are splitting their net earnings from suing hundreds of bloggers on a 50-50 basis. It also shows that the LV R-J is still largely in control of Righthaven’s litigation strategy—a fact that could end up being ruinous for Righthaven’s campaign of copyright lawsuits.

--Order on Request to Unseal: Righthaven LLC v. Democratic Underground

--Righthaven’s Contract With Stephens Media

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