Cornwell v. Sachs (II), Civil No. 07-236 (E.D. Va. default judgment Nov. 30, 2007).
Status: $35,780 default judgment for plaintiff

In 2000, best selling author Patricia Cornwell obtained a court order enjoining Leslie R. Sachs from posting her name on his web site (see above). But by 2007, Sachs had created new sites (;;, which alleged that Cornwell’s books were plagiarized from his work, and that Cornwell was corrupt, involved in government intrigue, and was under investigation by federal authorities. Cornwell sued to enforce the earlier order, and for damages for the statements Sachs had posted on his old and new sites. Sachs – who is reportedly living in Belgium – did not respond to the suit, leading to a default judgment against him. The $35,780 amount was based on Cornwell’s expenses creating a web site to counter Sachs’ claims and redirecting links to Sachs’ site, apparently including links from some Google searches, to Cornwell’s site. Despite the judgment, Sachs’ sites remain available online.

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